CDC offers professional metal processing services. At the moment, this department has facilities for small-scale manufacturing of case items (body of a tool) and spare parts. We use machining methods from different types of steel, nonferrous metals and their alloys.

Metal processing is performed on universal metalworking equipment:


Radial drilling machine;

Super-universal milling machine;

Universal milling machine;

Mechanical saw;

Grinding machine;

Drilling machine;

Welding equipment.

Our company has professional technicians and workers whose experience allows us to produce high-quality parts of any complexity.

Our metal processing center provides the following types of work:

Turning works: from the simplest bolts, screws, washers, rings to the most complex shafts and threaded connections;

Boring work;

Milling works: production of metal spare parts and various kinds of plastic spare parts, milling works at different levels of complexity;

Welding works: welding of ferrous metals and stainless steels;

Fitter's works: sheet metal processing and manufacturing of various steel structures.

Our priorities are: High quality - Short Terms – PROFESSIONALISM

Our address: 03022 Kiev, Vasilkovskaya street, 32. Tel: +38 044 502 33 29. Operation from 08.00 to 17.00.

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