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Superpol™ - concrete polished floors. We have everything needed for service and maintenance of hard surfaces.

Our company offers ready-made turnkey business. If you have decided to work with polished concrete floors at a professional level, or want to offer high-quality concrete floors to a customer as a project or a designer decision, or as a service and maintenance solution, we will be there to help you. Our company regularly gives trainings and seminars, where CDC’s experts and representatives of equipment suppliers give practical and technical trainings, answer your questions, help you to estimate your business.

Superpol™ is a registered trademark created by professionals of CDC on the basis of a profound analysis of the latest trends in the treatment of hard surfaces. Superpol ™ technology makes homogeneous smooth gloss of concrete and stone surfaces by using a special milling and grinding equipment. We use restorative lithium and silane- based impregnation to make the surface hard and dustless. Watch the advantages of Lithium impregnations C2. In the framework of the Superpol ™ technology we offer a wide range of ready-made solutions for concrete and stone floors for almost any purpose from  saving solutions to exclusive designer creations. Polished concrete floor Superpol ™ is an innovative solution for any business. Its being beautiful, reliable and easy to maintain are only some of the advantages. Superpol ™ will make your floor smooth, flat, glossy perfect for shops, warehouses, schools, sports facilities, offices, retail and exhibition halls, railway stations, airports, manufacturing facilities and even residential space.

Cost- effectiveness. Superpol™ is, as a rule, the lowest price for 1 square meter in comparison to the cost of other types of floor surfaces. In fact, it is clear that the service cost of such floor makes up only a small fraction from the service cost of ceramic and paving tile, polymer and other surfaces.

Waterproof. Our technology provides oil and petroleum protection. Industrial concrete floor is a hard and abrasive surface. Superpol prevents the surface from dust and moisture penetration. At the same time air molecules pass easily through it and concrete can breathe. Special impregnations strengthen and protect the surface.

Environmental protection. Superpol™ is an environmentally friendly technology. It doesn’t cause any damage to our environment. In this technology we do not use fillers, waxes, polyurethanes, solvents or volatile organic compounds. Our machines are equipped with special industrial vacuum cleaners which hardly dust and dirty while working. Superpol is a surface which does not have odour and is not harmful to our health and environment.

Dust-removal. Surface hardener used by Superpol ™ penetrates into the floor for 1-4 mm, and blocks salt in concrete thus preventing the formation of dust on its surface. Dust – removal is made once for the whole period of exploitation. There is no smell of impregnations while de-dusting the floor.

Brightness. Superpol makes the whole room to look brighter, as it increases the light reflection for 25-45% in comparison to conventional untreated concrete. The owner of the apartment saves up to 15-20% on the cost of lighting.

Lifetime. Due to its being abrasive resistant and low cost of the services, you can easily keep Superpol floors in good condition for many years, and only occasionally, during the period from 4 to 7 years slightly touch up in areas of the most intense and aggressive use.

Easy maintenance. Cleaning and maintenance of Superpol floors are easy and economic. They need a simple daily cleaning and re-polishing only in 5 - 7 years, sometimes even less. Floor made according to Superpol system is so compacted and hardened that you can easily prevent oil penetration or any other pollutants, and it also reduces appearance of wheels tracks.

Reliability. In fact, Superpol has a more precise flatness which is much harder than the one conventional concrete floor has, and is 2-5 times more abrasion-resistant and has 40 % greater impact resistance .

Glossy but not slippery. Superpol has a deep gloss, but practically does not slip. This quality is unique and can be achieved only through the use of modern technology in mechanical polishing and impregnation coating.

Gloss. Superpol floors can be made with gloss and, depending on your wish, they can range from light, soft gloss (type CONCRETE PLUS) to high level of gloss, the so-called "wet" gloss (type CRYSTAL FINISH).

Four of the most common and popular types of our Superpol glossy floor include CONCRETE PLUS - SATIN - SATIN PLUS - CRYSTAL FINISH

All working processes on polished concrete floors are carried out by our CERTIFIED CONTRACTORS Watch the Video Seminar SUPERPOL 05.-10.06.2011

Special attention should be paid to ART - FLOOR from Superpol ™. Fantastically beautiful images, logos and copyright designs make Superpol concrete floors exclusive and unique.

Superpol is the perfect solution for upgrading your concrete floor. After removing the old paint or coatings, adhesives from tile or carpet, we obtain a surface for subsequent grinding and polishing, giving it a new look, a new life.

Our partners in the Superpol technology:

Planetary machines and diamond tools Lavina Pro (Superabrasive USA)

Milling machines and tools Schwamborn (Germany)

Single-disc machines and tools Schwamborn (Germany)

Floor saws and diamond grinding wheels TYROLIT (Austria)

Industrial vacuum cleaners SDCLarue (USA), SOTECO (Italy)

Densifiers and Chemical Products Ultralit (Poland, Germany)