Mechanized demolition of buildings

Watch the video of mechanized demolition

Not being subject to further renovation, many buildings and structures are destined to be demolished. Demolition is the best decision if you need an area for new buildings. When there is a need to reconstruct or install new equipment, it is often necessary to perform demolition, dismantling of concrete structures, columns, etc. This involves the dismantling of walls and removal of the foundation. Demolition of buildings can be carried out in various ways depending on the size of a construction, material, and many other factors. We also perform demolition of old buildings with further processing of reinforced concrete into secondary materials, as crushed concrete and metal scrap are becoming more and more popular.

We started in 1994 as a company which carried out cutting and drilling of concrete, today we continue to work as contractors for the reconstruction and modernization of industrial enterprises, concrete hydraulic structures and infrastructure facilities. We carry out the demolition, partial removal of walls, removal of foundations, demolition and removal of structures with the help of non-impact methods.

Our company performs equally good and safe demolition of buildings and structures made of brick, panelized and monolithic buildings, industrial workshops and other constructions of precast and cast reinforced concrete. We possess all the necessary knowledge, licenses (permits) and technologies for a complete demolition and a partial dismantling of structures with exquisite precision, even in the most hard-to-reach places.

The staff has extensive experience in demolition work acquired from the development of WPP (work production project), choosing the optimal dismantling technology and full completion of the project with further reprocessing of construction waste into secondary materials. Many members of the staff have been working with us for over 10 years and have a unique experience in developing and implementing projects on demolition of buildings, removal of foundations and concrete structures with the help of modern technology.

We own a modern fleet of crawler excavators equipped with hydraulic breakers, shears, grinding equipment for the processing of concrete (the company "Tehbudmehanika").

Our Demolition Department has the country's largest fleet of specialized equipment for diamond cutting and concrete drilling, precise demolition of walls and structures made of concrete and reinforced concrete. Our powerful and mobile Service Department, along with Welding Center, will help you avoid a standstill due to equipment malfunction or lack of diamond tools.

When carrying out demolition and removal of structures, we use all known technologies of demolition and dismantling in order to reduce the cost of work for the Customer:

diamond wire and disc cutting of concrete;

mechanized demolition of high buildings;

non-impact demolition of structures;

demolition of structures with hydraulic breakers;

demolition of structures with hydraulic shears;

crushing of concrete waste

and other methods.