Hydraulic breakers, non-impact crushers

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Today, it is difficult to imagine demolition and crushing of building structures, foundations, and work in the pit for hard rock designing without hydraulic excavator. Excavators are equipped with high-quality attachments for crushing and demolition and are able to perform the enormous volume of work in the shortest terms.

Today hundreds of manufacturers produce and supply our market with attached equipment for excavators. Everyone is trying to take his place in the world using diverse strategies and tactics. Many companies rely on the initial cost of the attachment, because all models of hydraulic breakers and crushers are very similar. The client often asks about weight and price of a breaker, not about its quality, and finds exactly what he is looking for - cheap attachments. However, time passes and it becomes absolutely clear - he failed to save. As a result, equipment quickly breaks down, working process is interrupted, an excavator does not work, and all this leads to expensive repairs. As a rule, there aren’t needed spare parts in Ukraine and nobody knows when they will be, so the repair cost can’t be calculated. This is a typical situation for our country. For many years of our practice we are also aware of other situations that have happened. The client buys very expensive, high-quality hydraulic breakers and crushers of European or Japanese production. The company that is a branded seller of excavators insists on these very models, because it increases the sum of the contract. In this case the client overpays 40-70% of the cost of the attachment. And for some time the excavator with a very expensive attachment works fine. However, any equipment –the most expensive or of the highest quality – is liable to wearing out and needs service and repair. It is time to pay again. Spare parts and consumables for such attachments are very expensive. In addition, an excavator supplier is not always ready to give a professional service for hydraulic breakers and crushers and supply the customer with spares. He sells excavators but he doesn't know much about attachments. The client, having overpaid at the beginning, practically receives economic benefit in neither the operation process, nor service and maintenance.

Our company has been conducting business associated with the demolition and crushing of hard materials for more than 15 years. We had carefully analyzed the attachments market and made our choice. We recommend to equip the excavator with hydraulic breakers and crushers produced by the Italian family company INDECO. The Company INDECO pays maximum attention to product quality and keeps an eye on its partner’s choice.

INDECO attachments have a number of undeniable advantages. The INDECO hydraulic breakers occupy more than 12% of the world’s market and due to the number of sales, they occupy one of the positions in top five of the world’s manufacturers in sales volume. Crushers for concrete and crushers for metal (steel shears) won the hearts of professionals for their reliability, quality and working efficiency under the hardest conditions.

The INDECO Attachments for excavator – hydraulic breakers and crushers – are the best choice for professionals!

You will be sure in this after becoming familiar with specifications and terms of cooperation with our company. Since 2006, we have sold more than forty units of hydraulic breakers and hydraulic crushers INDECO in Ukraine.