Concrete Diamond Cutting and Concrete Demolition


Concrete Diamond Cutting (Reinforced Concrete Diamond Cutting) – is a modern, economically advantageous way to demolish different concrete constructions, to do building reconstruction and substructure destruction, different kinds of demolishing works – column, concrete pillar and wall demolishing.

We started our business with Diamond Cutting. Our company is the first company in Ukraine which used diamond technology for concrete cutting and construction demolishing. In 1994 we were the first who launched concrete diamond cutting and drilling with Austrian equipment TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS. Started from that period we had received grate experience in developing and working on different hard and unique projects all over the territory of Ukraine:

  • Concrete diamond cutting, concrete diamond drilling, demolishing of concrete, different reconstructions, modernization of industrial enterprises and construction sites;
  • Concrete large piece removal made on hydrotechnical constructions, hydroelectric and nuclear power plants;
  • Concrete and reinforced concrete diamond drilling different depth and diameter;
  • Diamond cutting and removal of concrete pavement with concrete and asphalt, removal of concrete runways, diamond drilling of concrete under the communications and networks;
  • Concrete diamond cutting, concrete and asphalt covering demolishing and etc.

Today we are actively participate in development and realization of demolishing projects. We developed special program called KPM-program to support our certified constructors. It will help you to create right demolishing project, to choose correct diamond machine and tool; to recommend your Customer qualify contractor to do the job. We also offer our help in calculating and organizing ready-made turnkey business.

We have a lot of large building companies working with us, they are satisfied with our product and service that we provide. 

Advantages our customers will receive working with us:

  • We offer to our customer cooperation with professional companies which provide professional service and high quality equipment for concrete cutting and drilling.
  • We offer to our customer not expensive but effective way of doing demolishing works, our certified contractors will make for you the best working term evaluation and cost calculation.

TYROLIT diamond techniques and diamond tools are used on hundreds of construction sites in Ukraine. Watch the video about diamond cutting equipment TYROLIT.

Our company offers everything you need and even a little more!

Sales Department offers shares and loyalty programmes.

Service Centre repairs and services equipment 

Welding Center for the restoration of the diamond tools is equipped with everything needed.

Our Company has a Welding Center equipped with everything needed to make diamond tool restoration.

Our company offers support to all who are interested in using such technologies as diamond cutting and drilling.

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