Winter Discount from CDC Service Centre
14/12/2012 10:29:24

07.12.2012 Starts from December, 2012 till March 1st,  2013 CDC Service Centre offers you special winter conditions for equipment service and repair!

 for spares - 15%;   for service - 50%.

Today, when winter is outside, the temperature goes below 32,О° F, concrete diamond cutting and drilling, floor grinding and polishing became little bit harder to do. You can’t avoid seasonal reduction in the amount of work.

Some pause in work activity (if you have it) we recommend to use wisely. It’s never too much of checking and service for equipment before new season comes. It will help you to prevent equipment forced outages in future.

During 2 working days our Service Centre Staff will make defect searching in your equipment. Our managers will show you only those spares in your equipment which really should be replaced and will recommend you the best way to do that. We develop discount system which will last till the end of the winter to make repair of your equipment and replacing of its spares more detailed and inexpensive!

System approach and rational use of recourses – the attitude we profess. Companies constantly working with us know: service prices we offer much lower than our competitor’s prices. Our Company known by its professionalism and quality of our product reaches higher standards.