Wall saws – a very attractive offer
13/08/2012 11:49:35

27.12.2011  Attention!!! A very attractive offer for second-hand wall saws. We offer a 12-month credit with a guarantee from the company CDC, as well as many other propositions concerning cooperation in 2012.

In order to start or expand your diamond cutting and drilling business, it is necessary to have a set of outstanding diamond equipment. The simplest set consists of 1-2 drilling machines (3 kW, diameter of cutting ranges from 32mm to 500mm) and a wall saw with a disc 1200mm in diameter (20 kW, cutting depth up to 510mm); it will also include diamond core drills with the diameter from 50mm to 250mm, and 3 basic diamond blades with the diameter of 800mm/1000mm/1200mm. Having such set of equipment and consumables for cutting and drilling will allow you to cover approximately 80% -90% of all your applications and orders. Less popular orders, among which we may find cutting with a wire saw, demolition and dismantling of buildings with concrete width of more than 500mm, drilling of reinforced concrete constructions with a hydraulic drilling machine, can be carried out together with those who already own such equipment. It will be better if you buy these machines for one particular scope of work.

Nowadays the construction market has a lack of the equipment for concrete cutting and drilling. Due to economic crisis, prices for such equipment had to be changed. However, the second half of 2011 was marked by a small increase in the number of scopes of work. This way, the need for using wall saws and drilling machines grew proportionally to the increase in scopes of work. Prices for diamond cutting and drilling are gradually rising. A number of contractors are now thinking of acquiring state-of-the-art equipment, and expanding their parks with the help of second-hand equipment. Many of those who are in debt for taking equipment, or buying it on credit were deceived by sweet promises, but have now understood their fault. This affair turned out to be very expensive and not at all free of charge.

If you are lacking in money for new equipment, we advise you to buy second-hand equipment with full guarantee from our company. It is more profitable than credits and empty promises of some suppliers. You are sure to get second-hand equipment which was prepared for you in advance, and for a period of 6 months you will no longer have to worry about various breakdowns and repair work. Besides, it will take only 24 hours to service your equipment and if not, you will be given another piece of equipment while yours is under repair. All professionals know that TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS hydraulic equipment is of high quality and practically does not require any repair work. Assess our offers for second-hand equipment and ask questions about credits! It is a very good chance to set up or expand the diamond cutting or concrete drilling business.

A fair approach and professional affairs of the company CDC, which takes into account every wish of its clients, provide a convenient and profitable partnership. Those who already work with TYROLIT equipment and are serviced in the CDC Service Centre have a lot more opportunities. The obvious advantages include buying back your equipment after carrying out large-scale projects, buying and selling second-hand equipment, express service and a guarantee, the use of our replacement fund, significant discounts for our regular clients, etc.

A new programme KPM – key product management (a support programme for regular clients) – is aimed at preparing scopes of work for our partners-contractors.

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