Unconditional warranty on equipment for 3 years!
03/09/2012 10:53:19

16.08.2012 Attention! You can now work with our equipment for 3 years due to unconditional warranty! We are all familiar with the situation when machines are out of order and the deadline for carrying out work, which was agreed upon in the contract with the customer, may not be met in time ... What is to be done then? Our company offers the best market conditions for warranty service for the equipment involved in diamond cutting and drilling of concrete.

You will be working with TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS hydraulic wall saws, wire saws and hydraulic drilling machines for 2 years WITHOUT PAYMANT FOR THE REPAIR! For the period of 3 years the guaranteed repair costs will not exceed 5% (!) of the initial cost of equipment.

Limited time for operating in the first 3 years is 2000 hours!

It is worth remembering that our company has been providing 48-72h service since 2012.

This means that for the period of 3 years after the purchase we are obliged to carry out the necessary repair work in no more than 2 days, if needed. If for some reasons, we cannot do repair work in time, we will give you the same equipment from our replacement fund not later than on the 3rd working day.


The advantages of the technology TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS were appreciated by many professional contractors. TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS machines for diamond cutting of concrete – powerful and easy in use – have been efficiently working in Ukraine since 2000. Since then, the design has been changed for many times, new products have been put into operation. However, a high quality and reliability of the equipment remained unchanged.

Warranty and post warranty service from the CDC - always quick, efficient and inexpensive.

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