TYROLIT Diamond Core Drills. 30% discount on 5 the most popular diameters! JUST TILL MARCH 15!
19/02/2013 15:10:40

18.02.2013 Before new building season starts there is a special offer on TYROLIT Diamond Core Drills for those who is doing reinforced concrete drilling!


Diamond Concrete Drilling

Our partner – Austrian company TYROLIT is a part of SWAROVSKI business. The Company, officially registered in 1919, today makes all kinds of diamond equipment, electric and hydraulic diamond concrete cutting machines, diamond and abrasive high quality tools. Cause of active work in more than 100 countries, with more than 4500 employees, serious investment in science and technology TYROLIT became a strong leader, who increases his positions in the hard material processing market every year.  TYROLIT company has more than 40 scientists working on scientific developments today.  Always one step ahead – it is a development strategy of the TYROLIT company. Our company had been working with TYROLIT for many years already. Today almost all the building companies not only have heard about diamond demolition technologies but are actively using them in their work. Reinforced concrete drilling – is one of the technologies widely used in building. For diamond drilling to bring pleasure and financial profit, customer remains satisfied with work you’ve done you need to have quality diamond tool, use diamond core drill restoration and segment soldering.

Cost of diamond tool and speed of work.  Should be mentioned preference for tool durability to the detriment of drilling speed always has negative influence on financial result. That’s why you should always choose multipurpose segment with average characteristics and choose specific diamond segment only for specific orders and large amounts of work. For example, if concrete is hard but rubble inside of it of III-V rank or if there is a lot of reinforcement and rubble filling inside concrete – in this case would be better to choose softer segment, which will be worn away sooner but provide high speed of diamond drilling. Cause you get paid for amount of work done. If concrete is easy reinforced, lees of rubble inside of it, instead of granitic rubble there is granodiorite – you can choose harder segment which will provide high diamond tool durability without losing speed of work. Don’t buy very cheap segments or core drills from unknown producers! Soon you will face problems in working process cause of it. It will be a quick wear away or core drill won’t be drilling at all.

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