The new line of Sureprabrasive industrial vacuum cleaners - innovation and reliability!
16/04/2013 16:27:54

The new line of Sureprabrasive industrial vacuum cleaners - innovation and reliability!

15.04.2013. Not long ago Superabrasive Company was known only as a producer of Lavina grinding equipment and quality diamond tools.

Starts from April, 2013 the Company launched a new line of professional vacuum cleaners to clean concrete dust. As you know, for concrete dry grinding always uses planetary machine together with a vacuum cleaner. The contractors often underestimate the importance of the dust cleaning process buying the low-power models or even household vacuum cleaners. There is a lot of concrete dust formed during concrete milk scraping and hard concrete grinding. Concrete dust is very small and abrasive. If the drive power and suction power of the vacuum cleaner is not enough to make the task you do it easily can break down low power vacuum cleaner. Even if a low-power model still continues to work it makes operator’s work very hard because he needs to do a filter cleaning too often. That filter cleaning can take 50 percents of all the working time.

Therefore, we recommend you to choose industrial vacuum cleaners and choose them according to the power of the grinding machine you use. For large and medium grinding machines we recommend you to choose  vacuum cleaners with automatic filter cleaning.

Superabrasive new line of vacuum cleaners it’s a power and intelligence working together for cleaning concrete dust. New vacuum cleaners equipped with automatic dust removal, smart overload protection system and other options which allow you to use operators’ time wisely.

Besides that, Superabrasive industrial vacuum cleaners specially designed for Lavina grinding machines, they are different from their Western Europe competitors because of the fair price!

All the new line of Superabrasive vacuum cleaners will be available in Ukraine starts from April 25, 2013.

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