The 3d Superpol Seminar
09/10/2012 15:56:29

5.10.2012 Superpol- polished concrete!

The 3d Superpol Certified Seminar took place on 2-3 October in the Babushkin Sad (“Grandma’s Garden”) Recreation Complex.

It was an International Seminar because besides the Ukrainians we had the representatives from Russia, Belorussia, Turkey and Poland. There were around 60 people from the 42 companies.

Superpol System for the Polished Concrete is becoming more and more popular. In 2012 our company did give to our contractor partners more than 120 orders to make a floor using Superpol Technology. All the orders we got during this year were the results of our KPM-program (Key Product Management) we started in February 2012.

KPM-program allows our Superpol Technology clients to choose really professional contractors for the polishing concrete. All the service departments of our company support the Superpol contractors which are using Lavina machines, and help them in their development.

The Seminar was great planned. During the Seminar we had many presentation reports from the different companies – CDC, Superabrasive, C2 rete Colors. Besides that the 32 sq.m. floor surface was made in “GRAIN-SATIN PLUS” quality during the Seminar. All the participants of the Seminar had an opportunity to try the machines at work. They studied the whole list of the diamond tools, looked through a new line of the Soteco vacuum cleaners, new high speed Samish machines and repairing equipment for the fixing cracks and holes from the gravel. During the Seminar speakers specially emphasized Superpol business economy, payback period of technique expenditures and other important items for running Superpol business.

We are so thankful to all the participants of the Seminar for their constructive work.

Superpol Seminars have become traditional. They are uniting all the developers of Superpol business.

This event became very important; it has a big influence on the development of the concrete polishing in our countries. Cause concrete polishing is a profitable and very perspective business which has a great potential and opportunities.

Next Seminar is planned to take place in the middle of April 2012.

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Hardening and polishing IMPREGNATION, PAINT FOR FLOOR

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