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07.10.2011  Polished concrete will definitely grab a client’s attention. Why Superpol? What are the advantages of polished concrete based on the system Superpol over other types of coatings? How can we make polished floors, and what equipment and consumables should we have? How much money can we make if we launch a systematic business dealing with polished concrete floors? Answers to these questions were given at the first seminar of the Superpol which took place on 5-6 October, 2011 in the hotel complex Babushkin Sad, situated on the outskirts of Kiev. There were much more people than it was expected. Forty-five people participated in the seminar and represented 33 companies from 10 Ukrainian cities.

A few days before the seminar, we had to refuse several companies and reduce the number of participants with a view to giving accurate information on the system Superpol. All the participants are professionals on the construction market, some of them having experience in concrete floors, some trying to familiarize themselves with the system, counting, weighing the pros and cons of acquiring such equipment and expendables, and considering the terms when the polished-concrete-floor business will bring in profit.

Each participant had an opportunity to work on large Lavina Pro grinding machines and ask manufacturers of the machines and chemicals some relevant questions. Lavina Pro 30G propane machine (power – 13.5 kW), which runs on gas, made the best impression. American guests George Popov, Len Snegovski, Jonathan Warrick were impressed at how actively the professionals took part in the seminar. They are representatives for the two leading companies – SUPERABRASIVE and Crete Colors – who have priceless experience in the field, millions of square meters of polished concrete, hundreds of innovative products and solutions. They were astonished by the level of preparation and interest of the participants. Polished concrete is not new to Ukrainian contractors, although new solutions and an absolutely new approach to polished concrete as a ready-made turnkey business, provided by the company CDC, was a real surprise for many people. The seminar was successful! We, as presenters, tried not to bore people with numbers and terms but provide only necessary information. The aim of our practical classes was to show – how to make an ideal polished floor from ordinary Ukrainian concrete with all its drawbacks. Our company is always fair and honest with its clients, we emphasize not only abilities and advantages, as many other companies do, but also the problems which may turn up. The seminar was devoted to practical things, allowing us to make our own conclusions and find out lots of new information for an in-depth analysis. On the second day of the seminar we received a much desired result – 45 square meters of polished and painted concrete floor with the logo Superpol displayed in the centre.

Every participant received a Certificate, as our aim is to support certified contractors. We plan to give seminars on a regular basis. The next seminar will be conducted on 22-23 April, 2012.

P.S. We are grateful to all the participants and administration of the hotel complex Babushkin Sad for a good job.

 Watch the video: Seminar Superpol 05-06.10.2011