Special Prices for the Diamond Core Drills and Segments!
26/09/2012 11:13:35

24.09.2012 There are special prices for the diamond segments and core drills starting October 1 and continuing till the end of the year 2012.

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Diamond drilling of concrete

Diamond drilling is very popular nowadays; it’s a service in a high demand. Building companies can buy their own drilling machine and then do the work by themselves but in the most cases they prefer to use professional help. Some companies which can have couple of drilling machines or couple of dozen of those machines put emphasis on this very kind of diamond cutting of concrete.

For Diamond drilling to bring the profit you should pay attention to the different factors. Let’s review the most of them:

1. The quality and amortization of the drilling machines

The best choice in this case will be any type of the drilling machine with WEKA motor. These motors are well known in Ukraine from 2000. They are able to work over a period of 5-10 years with very low operational expenses and without a need of a serious repair.

2. Diamond tools expenses and speed of the work

We should emphasis the importance of choosing the medium tough segment in the most cases because of the tough instruments negative influence on the working speed and financial benefits. Use special tough Diamond segments only for the hard surfaces and big amount of drilling.

For example, if you have a big piece of hard concrete or crushed stone surface (III-V rank) you should chose softer segment which will abrase faster but provides high speed of diamond drilling.

If concrete little reinforced (concrete filled with sandstone, granodiorite or have less of crushed stones) you should choose more hard segment to provide high power of a diamond segment without losing high working speed.

Don’t buy a very cheap segments or core bits from unknown producer you will face a lot of struggles in the working process.

3. How to find customers for a diamond drilling in the environment of cutthroat competition on the building market and its low development?

Many contractors are very active in selling their services. Internet is filled with various offers. But not all the companies you find in the Internet are busy enough with their orders. That’s why in 2012 our company started KPM program to support our diamond tools service partners. During the year we did find more than 150 real orders for cutting and drilling concrete for our partners. Notice that it’s not a traditional “kickback” 10% from the contract price; it’s a free reference for those who chooses to buy our diamond tools and segments.