Plastobet Terrazzo – unique Superpol TM System product
04/12/2012 10:24:31

30.11.2012 Plastobet Terrazzo – thin-layer polymer concrete (thickness 10-50mm). New polymer concrete SuperpolTM product has a high crushed stone concentration.


Our company together with Budcomplect Company offer you a modern high quality product. It’s very easy to repair old and make new floor with Plastobet. It sets on the fresh previously prepared basis as good as on the old ones. Sixteen Plastobet colors and SuperpolTM System of grinding and polishing will make a durable and beautiful floor.

There are just couple countries that have such marvelous colored high hardness stone deposits. It’s not a secret Ukrainian natural stones have a high value in Europe and CIS countries in crushed stones form as well as in finished product.

For Plastobet Terrazzo manufacture we used only Ukrainian crashed stone fillers such as marble aggregate from Crimea, black basalt from Volhyn, red, pink and grey granite from the Central Ukraine. Besides that Plastobet Terrazzo includes quality cement white and grey color, color pigments, polymeric additions, adhesion layer for setting on the old concrete and priming substance. All the materials are ecological and certificates proof that.

Need to be mentioned the fact that prices on Plastobet are much lower than foreign analogs. For example, Plastobet Terrazzo basic material retail price for today is $0,42 per 1 kg of the mixture. It’s 4-5 times lower foreign companies prices producing analog product. For instance, one set of material with coating thickness 15mm costs $17-20. You should add here costs of setting and grinding works by SuperpolTM System.

1 sq.m of the 15mm coating thickness floor on turnkey basis will cost for the Customer near $35 – $40. If you compare that price with a price of a quality floor tile, thick layer polymer and stone – you will see the real difference!

To make the Plastobet Terrazzo floor you should have special qualification, good grinding equipment and fit expenditure materials. If you need a good Plastobet Terrazzo floor you should address yourself to SuperpolTM contractors or to our Company Head Office.

Our company provide for SuperpolTM certificated contractors:

Training; regular informing of the field news.

Work content searching and previous Potential Client Survey (KPM program).

Plastobet material Cost Calculation according to the real order.

Cost Calculation of concrete floor repair, grinding and polishing on turnkey basis.

CDC Company – it an exclusive Plastobet material seller