Plastobet - Terrazzo – Elite Polymer Concrete Floor laid in Stylish Office on Pechersk in Kiev
19/03/2013 13:50:55

18.03.2013 Valtasar Company, Superpol TM, contractor has finished their polymer concrete laying project in the beginning of March. Marketing Specialists often say that every business looks like its owner. In this special case customer, who often visits overseas, was thinking for a long time about polymer concrete floors hard to forget because of grate impression they make.

Work was completed in two phases. Client chose simple coloring 1001 Plastobet-Donatello. During two days Valtasar Company was laying polymer concrete floor. Then during 3 months finishing works were taking place at the office.

As usual work schedule was tight enough. There were only one-two days left for grinding and polishing concrete floor. As everyone knows emergency operating conditions are not good for quality of work.

Our certified contractors did a great job; the office was put into operation in time. The client received very beautiful and durable concrete floor and Valtasar Company received great references and photos for its Portfolio.

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Plastobet-Terrazzo – Polymer Concrete Floor