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10/08/2012 17:04:54

18.11.2011  “Working more and faster, but paying less” might be the slogan of the Tyrolit Premium diamond blades which will guarantee a real decrease in expenses, less of your efforts at work and a very high profitability.

TYROLIT PREMIUM diamond blade for dry cutting DCU 4 in 1 with TGD®.

TYROLIT technology always widens the number of PREMIUM products; diamond blades produced according to TGD® technology are new for Ukrainian market. While using such diamond blades, professionals are sure to reduce pressure on equipment and increase their economic benefits.

The main feature of the blade is its easy use, as it cuts a construction at once, requiring no further cutting. Diamond blades guarantee vibration-free work unlike other competitors.

As a result, the work of both an operator and a machine is effortless, and cutting cost is the lowest on the diamond tool market.

PREMIUM diamond discs with TGD® technology set new standards of quality and durability of a diamond tool. Lots of operators working in the field of concrete cutting are aware of the problems with the quality or durability of a diamond tool, as many diamond tools are alike. When acquiring a diamond blade, diamond core drill or a diamond wire, it is of vital importance to remember that the main criterion for your choice is the cost of 1 square meter of a cut surface.

A new generation of a diamond tool of a PREMIUM class impresses not only with its characteristics, but also with a new design of bodies and diamond segments. DCU 4 in 1 diamond blade with TGD® technology is a universally used tool for all types of construction materials. Nowadays it is possible to go on working without changing tools when cutting reinforced concrete, concrete, granite and even metal, and still be sure that your diamond blade is not out of order. There was a time when professionals thought it impossible to cut metal with a diamond blade. Today TYROLIT shows the contrary. A multifunctional disc saw DCU 4 in 1 proves its quality when cutting concrete, marble slabs, abrasive material and steel. These universal abilities allow a client to receive the product which is ready to be used under the most difficult conditions without changing the disc.

TGD® is a unique technology for diamond tools developed by the company TYROLIT. It helps equipment to work more efficiently and has outstanding characteristics concerning its own lifetime. The cutting speed and versatility of the tools have been significantly updated.

TYROLIT has been one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of efficient and high-quality diamond tools for many years. TGD® technology was created in the TYROLIT scientific laboratories where more than 60 scientists work hard to show in practice the things which yesterday seemed impossible in diamond technologies.

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