Novelty in the technology for removal of old coatings from self-leveling floors
22/08/2012 16:58:04

14.02.2012 A new solution for removing an old coating from self-leveling floors, and for preparation and polishing of a new coating was introduced on the exhibition WOC 2012, which was closed in Las- Vegas (USA) on 27 January, 2012.

The removal of polymer coatings which need replacing is a popular service. This task will be successfully done with Lavina Pro grinding and polishing machines supplied by the company Superabrasive.

The hard layer of a surface is removed at low revolutions (300 revolutions per minute) with the help of PCD segments. A trapezoid pad with PCD segments is a very efficient tool for striking off an old coating. These pads are easily and quickly attached to the system of a quick change in the Lavina-QuickChange machine. Today, a special spring-controlled segment fixture Titter Tatter, used to remove polymers, will not only remove polymers from places difficult to reach and from uneven parts of the floor, but also a rough surface for further application of polymers. For dry treatment of the floor it is also possible to use soldered pads with a Velcro backing, which can grind, even the floor and remove a small layer of coating. The process is very fast. For these reasons, there is no point in using expensive grinding machines.

The next step is to cast new self-leveling floors. The final polishing of the floor is done by 200-grit premium pads V-Harr, which are easily attached to the Lavina Pro V-Harr planetary machine with the help of a Velcro backing, and are one of the most universally used and popular pads introduced by Superabrasive. Initially intended to carry out mechanical polishing and renovation of concrete, premium pads V-Harr are also suitable for mosaic floors and hard stony coatings (marble, granite). These diamond pads with plastic fittings can be attached to any circular polishing equipment. They are good for both dry and wet use. These pads will show fascinating results on concrete surfaces as well as on granite or marble. All Lavina Pro machines and expendables are available for contractors in Ukraine whose work is based on the Superpol system. The result of such work will be an even and glossy floor. Still do not believe it? Then watch this video.

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