30.04.2013 Special Conditions for the Diamond Tool Restoration!
14/05/2013 17:16:45

30.04.2013 Special Conditions for the Diamond Tool Restoration!

The new line of Sureprabrasive industrial vacuum cleaners - innovation and reliability!
16/04/2013 16:27:54

15.04.2013. The new line of Sureprabrasive industrial vacuum cleaners - innovation and reliability!

Concrete Wire Saw Cutting – quick, perspective and profitable work.
09/04/2013 11:20:17

04.05.2013 Concrete Wire Saw Cutting – quick, perspective and profitable work.

Announcement: April 15-21 – BAUMA 2013 - the largest building machinery exhibition
27/03/2013 15:27:02

26.03.2013 We would like to invite you to Munich, where BAUMA 2013 - the largest building machinery exhibition - will take place.

Plastobet - Terrazzo – Elite Polymer Concrete Floor laid in Stylish Office on Pechersk in Kiev
19/03/2013 13:50:55

18.03.2013 Valtasar Company, Superpol TM, contractor has finished their polymer concrete laying project in the beginning of March.

Drilling System TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS with New Much Powerful Motor
12/03/2013 10:42:17

07.03.2013 New drive motor for the legendary drilling machine TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS.

Diamond Blade Asphalt Cutting – An Important Part Of The Road Hole Repairing Process
28/02/2013 09:57:51

26.02.2013. It is necessary to cut asphalt and asphalt concrete with diamond blade doing repair of road holes. Practically all the roads are broken after this year's winter.

TYROLIT Diamond Core Drills. 30% discount on 5 the most popular diameters! JUST TILL MARCH 15!
19/02/2013 15:10:40

18.02.2013 Before new building season starts there is a special offer on TYROLIT Diamond Core Drills for those who is doing reinforced concrete drilling!

Concrete Topping Floor Repair. Plastobet-Terrazzo Technology
11/02/2013 11:24:44

08.02.2013 Superpol  - polished concrete. This Technology is getting more followers. High Price myth about polished concrete being more expensive than hardened topping practically dispelled.

Specific Building Equipment and Small-Scale Mechanization Rental - it’s a new CDC Company Service
01/02/2013 14:53:09

31.01.2013 Answer to many of our partners’ requests CDC Company’s Special Equipment Rental Department will start its work from February 1, 2013.

SUNDT Electric Floor Saws Presentation by Norwegian Company Mekanor
29/01/2013 11:23:24

24.01.2013 SUNDT Electric Floor Saws from Norwegian Company Mekanor – it’s efficiency for many years, minimum of service and repair, and practically complete absence of repair work outages!

Lavina-13S and Lavina 32R-S – New Grinding Planetary Machine Models
29/01/2013 10:54:43

16.01.2013 New Grinding Planetary Machine Models:

Lavina -13S –  to work on close to the wall areas;

Lavina 32R-S – big heavy remote controlled machine – will be showed by our partners Superabrasive Company on WOC 2013 in Las Vegas February  5-9.

Equipment Rental – New CDC Service
14/01/2013 15:27:18

27.12.2012    Because of numerous requests from our partners Sevitol-Diamond-Service Company will open new Equipment Rental Department starts from 01.02.2013.

How to choose the right wall saw or the right wire saw
20/12/2012 15:29:49

18.12.2012 If you decided to start concrete cutting business and to buy a wall saw or a wire saw

Winter Discount from CDC Service Centre
14/12/2012 10:29:24

07.12.2012 Starts from December, 2012 till March 1st,  2013 CDC Service Centre offers you special winter conditions for equipment service and repair!

Plastobet Terrazzo – unique Superpol TM System product
04/12/2012 10:24:31

30.11.2012 Plastobet Terrazzo – thin-layer polymer concrete (thickness 10-50mm). New polymer concrete SuperpolTM product has a high crushed stone concentration.

New HCP Gold Series Segments for hard concrete from Superabrasive Company – it’s a quick solution for removing and restoration floor toppings
22/11/2012 10:05:07

20.11.2012 Topping floors became popular in 2000s are getting worthless.  The reasons for it can be different and the question “Whose fault is that?” is not necessary when the topping is being destroyed or have already been destroyed. The more important question today is “What to do?”

Innovation from TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS – New Electric motor
08/11/2012 16:16:39

07.11.2012 TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS is bringing into operation new electric motor line for reinforced concrete drilling machines.

Plastobet – terrazo it’s a new concrete floor
30/10/2012 11:37:40

29.10.2012 Plastobet – terrazo it’s a new concrete floor what is cheaper and much qualitative than a tile, nicer looking and much cheaper than a stone.

New line of the powerful electric floor saws SUNDT is here in Ukraine
19/10/2012 17:31:11

15.10.2012 New line of powerful SUNDT Electric floor saws produced by the best European company - Norwegian company Mecanor will be here in Ukraine from November 1, 2012.


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