New line of the powerful electric floor saws SUNDT is here in Ukraine
19/10/2012 17:31:11

15.10.2012 New line of powerful SUNDT Electric floor saws produced by the best European company - Norwegian company Mecanor will be here in Ukraine from November 1, 2012.

HYDROSTRESS Electric direct drive motor floor saws are known very well by professional companies which cut and drill reinforced concrete. The first appeared of that particular kind of HYDROSTRESS floor saws on Ukrainian market happened in 2000. HYDROSTRESS’ GSA marking became the basis for Ukrainian standards in reinforced concrete floor cutting. It was in 2000s. At that time the Norwegians supplied TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS with their electric floor saws. During the period 2001-2003 our company delivered couple machines of a power 15 and 20 kW, which still are working successfully. The time changes and now Mecanor is working as completely independent supplier. SUNDT products are unique by quality and productivity electric floor saws for concrete cutting on the building platforms. Its cutting depth 500 mm, diamond saw blade diameter 800-1200 mm. The Norwegians prefer electric motors from the leading companies ABB and SIEMENS, which motor’s drive power variates from 5 to 18,5 kW. The new line has some innovations which improve quality of the work and make the process easier for operator. Need to be admitted the competitive price for SUNDT floor saws, it is very justified.

SUNDT floor saws equipped with qualitative TYROLIT diamond blades that will help to make quick and smoothly cutting of reinforced concrete and floor surfaces. Floor saw concrete cutting is much quicker than wall saw cutting. You can cut 12-25 sq.m surface area per shift! Besides that diamond blades are much stronger and slower to wear out, what makes floor saw cutting cheaper as compared to cutting with a wall saw.

It’s clear that floor saws are just for horizontal surfaces. This fact limits theirs use a little bit but still our experience shows that every professional concrete cutting company should have an electric floor saw. Even if floor saw works on the platform just couple times a year it will bring a big profit to its owner. By having both a wall saw and a floor saw your company will decrease your expenses on diamond instrument and shorter the working time. It will make your company more competitive in the concrete cutting market.

SUNDT Electric Floor Saws Line:

100 024 GS675 400V Ø 600 7,5 kW

100 048 GS800 400V Ø 800 7,5 kW

100 122 GS811 400V Ø800 11Kw

100 056 GS15 400V Ø 1000 11kW

100 900 GSA20 400V Ø 1000 15Kw

100 901 GSA20LS 400V Ø 1200 15Kw

100 902 GSA20LS 400V Ø 1200 15Kw

100 903 GSA25 400V Ø 1000 18,5Kw

100 904 GSA25LS 400V Ø 1200 18,5Kw

100 816 GXL20 400V Ø 1000 15Kw

100 808 GXL20LS 400V Ø 1200 15Kw

100 815 GXL20LS 400V Ø 1200 15Kw

100 811 GXL25 400V Ø 1000 18,5 kW

100 814 GXL25LS 400V Ø 1200 18,5 kW

Starts from November 1st our company will become the official and exclusive supplier of SUNDT electric floor saws in Ukraine.

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