New LAVINA S machines are already in Ukraine!
19/09/2012 12:23:57

13.09.2012 Starting from October 2012 new LAVINA S machines are in the markets of Ukraine and Russia. These machines are real professionals in grinding and polishing sphere.

Superabrasive is one of the leading companies in the manufacturing high quality equipment for the concrete polishing. Recently Superabrasive has presented the new line of the grinding-polishing machines - Lavina S. Lavina S machines are equipped with an upgraded belt tensioner, it has forced belt-driven planetary movement and many other upgraded features what makes it more productive and easy to use than ever before.

Lavina S machines have the advantages:

1. Lavina S machines are equipped with forced belt-driven planetary movement

2. New floating heads now hold QuickChange tools, allowing tools to be mounted directly to the heads, with no additional plates necessary (Velcro heads will still be required for attaching Velcro-backed tooling). New security plate locks also add an extra measure of safety, preventing QC tools and heads from falling or flying - a new safety feature on all S models.

3. Machines feature a completely new non-clogging water spraying system, including a pump, which allows the operator to choose between internal spraying (beneath the machine) or spraying directly in front of the machine. Providing more than a mist, each sprayer provides ample water for wet grinding and polishing, There are water filter and a light to remind operators when the pump is in the "on" position (to avoid damaging the pump).

4. The base of the machines now feature new, exclusive technology - an additional axis, which provides the machine with added flexibility, allowing the entire base to move and "float" in any direction over the floor.

5. Machines are equipped with an upgraded belt tensioner, a belt inspection cover, and a new belt replacing tool.

6. Now the light connects directly to the drive of a machine.

7. A new power cable attachment connects to the top of the machine near the handle.

8. More features include:

- an upgraded handle

- upgraded wheels

- newly reinforced pulleys and cast, and larger bearings

- larger, upgraded spiders for improved security

- upgraded double seals for added protection

- stronger, steel base plates

- the flexibility of the heads may now be customized by using either 3, 4, or 6 rubber bushings.

Every year Lavina machines grinds and polishes hundreds of thousands square meters of the surface. SUPERABRASIVE’s engineering department is studding needs of their clients very carefully. SUPERABRASIVE developers innovate tooling solutions and improve design of the LAVINA machines being considerate of the client’s demands along with that.