New HCP Gold Series Segments for hard concrete from Superabrasive Company – it’s a quick solution for removing and restoration floor toppings
22/11/2012 10:05:07

20.11.2012 Topping floors became popular in 2000s are getting worthless.  The reasons for it can be different and the question “Whose fault is that?” is not necessary when the topping is being destroyed or have already been destroyed. The more important question today is “What to do?”

Video Topping Floor Restoration at ASHAN (Kiev) 



But the answer is clear - topping floor need to be transformed into polished concrete by SuperpolTM technology. It’s a cheapest way to make dust free concrete floor, return good look to a floor and its ability to endure abrasive pressure.

To do that you should take away the old topping (around 1-3mm from the top) completely or partly.  For taking away the old topping you can use planetary grinding machine with special metallic bond diamond segments for hard concrete. Many tried to grind hard concrete floor with lightweight polishing machines domestic or Russian production. All of them faced the problem – diamond segment just slips the surface and does not grind. Even creating the pressure on machine doesn’t help. The result – you have a time lost and a work that undone. To make a quick and quality floor topping strip use hard equipment (weight 200kg and more) with planetary rotation of grinding tools. The pressure on the working surface should be not less than 170-200kg and electric motor power should be 11 or 15 kW. But still it’s not the main thing!

The most important thing in the process of hard materials removing using grinding machines is to make it in high-quality and to choose right diamond instrument for it. Need to be remembered the fact that hard topping 1-2mm from the top has a soft abrasive coating quick to erase segments intended for hard concrete. Superabrasive Company developed a new diamond segment for hard concrete and it is much more resistant to abrasive concrete. That metallic bond segment allows to make a quick hard concrete floor removing having lower instrument expenditure on 1 sq.m of grinded surface. Gold Series Segments are available in Ukraine from November 15, 2012.

Supermarket ASHAN (Kiev) – old topping floor restoration by SuperpolTM Technology.   

Sample for the Client was finished in two hours.

SuperpolTM Contractor – Budcomplect Company