New diamond segments on professional diamond cutting market
14/08/2012 12:40:12

29.05.2012 Diamond segments (with arranged diamond) - a new product for professionals in the fields of diamond cutting and drilling of concrete. For the last few years, many manufacturers have been offering different rotating diamond tools with arranged diamond. These tools are used not only by experts on diamond cutting tools for concrete, but also by experts working with stone cutting tools. The efficiency of operations carried out with this instrument is above 30-50%. As regards cutting of reinforced concrete, the diamond tool with arranged diamond is 20% -25% faster when coming through reinforcement, and its lifetime is 20-30% longer.

The main task for these segments is to hold diamonds in the bond, till they completely wear off. Today, this tool is used not only for drilling of concrete with diamond cores, but also for dry and wet cutting with diamond wheels. It is worth mentioning that the quality of both diamonds and the bond is very important for such tool. An important element of quality tools is also the concentration of diamonds in the bond. Every manufacturer is trying to make a good instrument. However, Europeans are more attentive to technical characteristics and, as a rule, do not save on quality. That is why, branded diamond tools work much better and more efficiently. At the same time, diamond tools produced in the countries of South-East Asia are very cheap, but bad diamonds and low-quality bonds do not allow experts to achieve a much desired results when working with diamond blades and diamond segments.

4 phases of breaking hard materials while processing them with diamond tools

New – mechanical and thermal influence in the process of removing the top layer.

Starting to break down – Smoothing, cracking of the crystal and full removal.

Cracked diamond - cracking of the crystal and full removal

Pulled out (broken) diamond - cracking of the rest of the crystal and full removal