Legendary hydraulic wall saws TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS are at special price
09/08/2012 14:48:58

10.07.2012  Legendary hydraulic wall saws TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS are at special price. We offer you a two-year unconditional guarantee and a favorable price offer for warranty service for the period of 3 years.

Set of hydraulic wall saw 289 UAH - TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS PPH20-DZ2S 20 kW

Set of hydraulic wall saw 328 UAH - TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS PPH25-FZ2ST 25 kW

Wall saws TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS are the best economical proposition!

Nowadays it is difficult to imagine modern construction without precise demolition of concrete and reinforced concrete structures. To implement this demolition without special equipment and accessories for diamond cutting of concrete is almost impossible. The first wall saws TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS appeared in Ukraine 15 years ago. They took the market in diamond cutting of concrete by storm, so, it is out of discussion, that they are as workable and safe as Swiss clocks. Professional companies specializing in diamond cutting and drilling, which are, without a doubt, good at comparing various equipment, stress their main advantages over their competitors:


- The wall saw is easy to operate. All innovations are involved to make sure that the operator’s work is easy and comfortable and prevent all possible breakdowns, as well as keeping the need for service down to a minimum.

- A drive unit and a cutting head are very compact, so they are easy to transport, maintain and service.

- The wall saws (wall cutting machines) TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS are very powerful and along with quality diamond tools, their cutting speed is 15-25% higher, and resistance of its diamond wheel is 40-50% higher. It is gained not only with the help of a quality diamond tool, but also with an absolutely flat cut and absence of vibration.


The wall saws TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS do not practically break down. About fifty of such machines now work in Ukraine. It is difficult to believe that the model produced in 1998 is still working. It has been working perfectly despite its solid term of exploitation.


Our company has been the official distributor of TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS in Ukraine since 2000 year. Today we offer our partners the following programs:

TRADE-IN - exchange of an old equipment for a new one with additional payment.

BUY-BACK if you buy our equipment for a certain project and after finishing your work you do not need it any more, we will buy your equipment back.

USED EQUIPMENT selling of used equipment with 6-12 months’ warranty.

PAY&WORK TODAY you can start working at once after payment. We will offer you the CDC equipment from our exchange fund for the period of delivery of your equipment (without rental payment).

48h-72h SERVICE - if we cannot make service in time we will propose you equipment from our exchange fund

KPM SUPPORT- we supply our contractors with project work orders for the achievement of a customer’s ideas.

Searching for a scope of work for our partners:

One of our company's tasks is to search for a scope of work for our business partners. While carrying out this work, we try to make use of our experience, abilities and contacts. We work to provide our partners with an advantageous scope of work.

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