KPM – establishing new standards in cooperation with contractors
13/08/2012 11:52:43

06.08.2012 KPM (key product management) is a programme aimed at finding scopes of work for our partners-contractors.

Nowadays the construction market suffers from a lack of scopes of work. That is why, contractors often have to reduce prices and start working without paying in advance. Despite summer time, there is no demand for a number of our machines.

Our company works for professionals who deal with diamond cutting and polished floor manufacturing. One of its objectives is to provide a partner, who buys our equipment and is serviced at our Service Centre, with a good scope of work. Being on the construction market for a great number of years, we have valuable experience and many contacts in this field. If a certain scope of work has to deal with diamond cutting or demolition of concrete, and casting of concrete floors, we are quite often asked for advice or help in the development of technologies and project solutions.

Due to our experience, we are now able to provide a good workload for people working with our equipment and diamond tools. The company CDC is the only supplier of equipment which prepares scopes of work for its clients. We look for work in such directions as diamond cutting, drilling and demolition, application of industrial floors. Then, if a suitable scope of work is found, we send it to our partners. A lot of our partners have already understood the main advantages of the KPM programme, because scopes of work in some companies have increased, others are now thinking about enlarging their parks and taking on more operators. The company CDC will do its best to improve the programme which proved to be very profitable.

KPM – 2012. New rules:

Step 1. The company CDC prepares a definite scope of work (order) and passes it to the manager who is responsible for it.

Step 2. The manager questions a potential client to get as much information on the scope of work as possible – conditions, terms and address of the client.

Step 3. The manager fills in an Order Form and asks for it to be sent.

Step 4. The Marketing Department sends the Form to partners of the company.

Step 5. A partner-contractor receives a notice that there is a certain scope of work for him.

It is worth mentioning that this programme makes those who are new to the “diamond cutting and concrete drilling” business as well as “polished concrete” business believe in their future. We all know that the most important thing for the construction business is to provide heavy workload for both equipment and staff. If you have work, you have profits!

We will not carry out your business, but we will definitely help those who work with us!

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