Innovation from TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS – New Electric motor
08/11/2012 16:16:39

07.11.2012 TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS is bringing into operation new electric motor line for reinforced concrete drilling machines.

The company extends its business development strategy with innovation product producing. New design developed in Switzerland will be offered in the markets of Western Europe starts from November 2012.

HYDROSTRESS Swedish department is making new motors according to the best Swedish quality traditions; this company always puts quality in the first place.  That motor is different from the traditional German WEKA used for HYDROSTRESS drilling machines during last fifteen years.

New parts and patented protecting system are making the motor’s work more reliable. Amount of motor parts was cut down because of creators desire to reduce demurrages during repair time and reduce costs of repair. But priority for TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS is a quality product and it is saved!

New motor has everything to simplify operator’s work - quality stator and anchor, binary overload protection system, more ergonomic design, LED overload indicator. New TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS motors are producing in Western Europe, what provides quality in assembly and continual availability of spare parts in the stores of Austria or Switzerland.

Our company is planning to start selling new motors in 2012. We are working now on forming good price of the motors. And we can say with assurance the price won’t increase. Our service centre is also preparing for the product selling in late 2012.

Our company still will sell legendary WEKA motors and will provide their repair too. We will keep all our warranty responsibilities and out of warranty service. Price for repair works and WEKA spare parts will not change significantly. We have already formed substitutional base consisted of pre-owned drilling machines we can give to our customers in case repair takes more than 2 working days. We are sure buying new product will bring you a big profit, working with our company will bring you a lot of joy and cost saving.

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