INDECO hydraulic breakers – a novelty in possession of Tehbudmehanika
10/06/2011 13:38:18

18.06.2011  New INDECO hydraulic breakers for the company Tehbudmehanika. At present Ukrainian companies carrying out demolition and dismantling of buildings are practically overloaded with work. The second half of 2011 proved to be more dynamic. Companies working in the field of industrial dismantling have got over the absence of work orders in 2009-2010, a sudden fall of market prices for demolition and dismantling, constant nonpayment and arbitrary behaviour of the clients. Nowadays we want to believe that an increasing number of orders for demolition and dismantling are not a coincidence, but a tendency. The market is slowly reviving. Everybody who works on the demolition and dismantling market hope that they will not work at a loss anymore. The rise in prices for this type of work in the second half of the following year is also worth mentioning. Those companies that are involved in the dismantling business, once struck by the crisis, are now willing to update their equipment, being once deprived of the ability to acquire something new. All their thoughts were only about staying afloat.

It is common knowledge though, that even the highest quality equipment becomes less productive and quickly wears out. Today, the company Tehbudmehanika – the leader on the industrial dismantling market – has ordered, for the last three years, two INDECO HP2500 hydraulic breakers, weighing 1500kg. Hydraulic breakers and shears of the Italian company INDECO first appeared in Ukraine in 2005.Since then hundreds of concrete constructions have been demolished with INDECO demolition attachments. The company Tehbudmehanika owns more than 15 units of demolition attachments produced by this Italian manufacturer. Being easy to maintain, reliable at work, powerful and productive, INDECO hydraulic breakers have received positive references from professionals. The official distributor of INDECO equipment in Ukraine is the company CDC that does its best to make a client happy with the work performed with demolition attachments. We also hope that the owners of hydraulic breakers that we attached to quarry excavators ranging from 35 to more tons, will think about updating their equipment, as INDECO always improves the construction of its hydraulic breakers, thus having a place among the top five leaders in quality hydraulic demolition attachments for excavators weighing 1-130 tons.