Husqvarna K3000 Wet with diamond Blade (diameter 350mm) at special price
09/08/2012 16:14:06

03.07.2012 Versatile electric cutters Husqvarna K3000 Wet with diamond Blade (diameter 350mm) at special price - 9290 UAH (1162 USD)! Maximum reinforced cutting depth - 125mm!

A powerful universal electric cutter Husqvarna K3000 Wet is the equipment of paramount importance for professionals. Тoday, we can not imagine modern construction without concrete cutting. At almost any construction site, we need to do arches, apertures, and niches in concrete walls.

A quick and easy implementation of such types of work is possible only due to a versatile electric cutter Husqvarna K3000 Wet. In our country many operators work with Angle Grinder with 230 mm diamond wheel. However, it is not enough to cut a concrete slab throughout. The maximum cutting depth from both sides is 12 cm! Moreover, these Angle Grinders are quick to break down and need a high-maintenance service or replacement of details.

Husqvarna's engineers have implemented the most daring wishes of professionals:

- Considerably increased the distance between the handles;

- Elgard TM the advanced electronic overload protection varies the rotation speed to warn of approaching overload;

- Electronic system Soft Start TM provides a gradual start using conventional fuses and low-latency of functioning;

- Easy fixing of the shaft housing and a large opening of the body for an easy disk replacement;

- Bevel gear of a high quality and large size ensures long life and minimal loss of energy;

- DEX, dust reduction system - K3000 Wet equipped with a regulator to supply sufficient but not excessive amounts of water;

- Protection device against residual current;

If you are professionally involved in diamond cutting and dismantling of concrete, you should have the special equipment for effective work!

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