How to choose the right wall saw or the right wire saw
20/12/2012 15:29:49

18.12.2012 If you decided to start concrete cutting business and to buy a wall saw or a wire saw

How to choose wisely concrete cutting equipment and diamond instrument to do professional work? You should give answer to that question before you pay for a set of equipment. Maybe information you read now will help you rationally organize your business and choose a good supply partner. One of the most important questions to answer: what kind of the driven gear your machine should have to work daily for many years? Electric driven machine or hydraulic driven?

For reliable and continues work we recommend you to choose only hydraulic driven machine. There are a couple of reasons for that. First, CIS countries have an unstable electricity environment. Low voltage or excess voltage provides often breakings for electric machines and especially for high frequency machines. Voltage stabilizers can help but not always. Sellers will tell you about “many years warranty “of chosen machine but remember - no one will do machine service for free! They will find 1000 reasons for you to overpay for machine repair or will include their margin in diamond instrument costs obligating you to buy only their overrated price tool! In some cases high frequency machines repair is possible only at the factory they were made. It means you will lose time and spend extra money on customs. Suppliers can openly show you these costs or even hide them from you in your total costs.

At that time with hydraulic driven machines produced by the world leading factories you will not have those problems. First 1000 hours (1-3 years) you just need to change oil every 200-300 hours. It is a very simple operation and you can do it by yourself. Sometimes after two years of use hydraulic connectors need to be replaced or repaired but it is not expansive, no influence on your business economics. TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS wall saws and wire saws working at Ukrainian market rarely need service! For example, “the oldest” wall saw СR-3 with DZ2S core works in Ukraine from 1999 (!) and still in a great condition.

We do not recommend you to pay attention at different marketing strategies, for instance 40-45% discounts choosing your equipment. Usually this kind of trade policy hides company’s desire to obligate you to do often service and buy an expensive diamond tool. Try always to understand business economics and all the costs you’ll have. Remember, the main criterion in your decision should be THE LOWEST COSTS PER 1 sq.m OF CUTTED SQUARE. It means you should:

1. Buy hydraulic driven machines by its real price with 100% packing arrangement.

2. As rare as possible go to service (to exclude downtimes and unnecessary payments).

3. Use quality and inexpensive diamond tools, do diamond core drill restoration and diamond segment soldering. Cutting speed and working cycle of diamond instrument should be optimal for the every specific task.

Only then you could make your diamond cutting and concrete drilling business successful and profitable.

To do your business economics calculation you can ask our company specialists, which have many years’ experience in diamond technologies of concrete cutting and drilling.