Diamond cutting of concrete
10/08/2012 17:08:19

23.09.2011  Diamond cutting of concrete in the former shopping mall Troitskiy, dismantling of almost 4000 cubic meters of concrete followed by extraction of metal fittings with INDECO hydraulic shears are now being successfully carried out by leading specialists working for Tehbudmehanika together with the CDC dismantling department.

HYDROSTRESS wire and disc saws performed diamond cutting of concrete along the perimeter of an area of reinforced concrete constructions which were to be dismantled. HYDROSTRESS wire saws can cut an area of up to 10 square meters for one working day. Diamond cutting of thick concrete (up to 1.5 meters) with HYDROSTRESS tools allows dismantling of separate areas while preserving some part of the construction.

Due to a tight schedule, diamond cutting of concrete is performed with several saws on two shifts. Then powerful 25- and 34-ton excavators dismantle the cut parts of concrete with hydraulic breakers and shears. This work is directly connected with preparation of the territory around the Olympic Stadium for EURO 2012.

Diamond cutting of reinforced concrete walls and floor slabs of various depths with HYDROSTRESS disc saws is the only possible technical solution at this particular area. The chief engineer for Tehbudmehanika Litvinenko Vladimir Vasilyevich is sure that diamond cutting of concrete and dismantling of the cut constructions will be performed in time. The technical department participated in the development of the technology for dismantling of concrete when making project decisions. Diamond cutting of concrete with wire saws is becoming more and more popular on the Ukrainian construction market.