Diamond Blade Asphalt Cutting – An Important Part Of The Road Hole Repairing Process
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26.02.2013. It is necessary to cut asphalt and asphalt concrete with diamond blade doing repair of road holes. Practically all the roads are broken after this year's winter.

Floor saws and diamond blades are used in road building for a long time already. Cut asphalt and concrete edges being absolutely flat allow to make high quality patch of road surface. Today all those who involved with road repairing or exploitation know very well petrol (diesel) floor saw with diamond blade.

 This year’s winter happened to be very snowy and frosty. And now together with snow asphalt covering is going too. It can’t stand such amount of freezing cycles. It seems like we can’t avoid global repairing of the road surfaces. Our company offers the best floor saws and diamond blades on the market. All who are planning to cut asphalt or asphalt concrete should remember – choosing a good machine and diamond blade allows you to provide a quick cutting with less of expenses. Price of a diamond blade is not such important when you have a huge amount of work. What is really important it is resource diamond blade can provide.

For example,

Cheap 350 mm diameter blade costs 700 UAH, its resource - 100 linear meters with cutting depth 100mm. It means 1 linear meter cost – 7,00 UAH.

TYROLIT С1S W 350 mm diameter blade costs 1600 UAH, its resource - 500 linear meters with cutting depth 100mm. It means 1 linear meter cost – 3,20 UAH.

It is not hard to count saving on 1000 m slice will make 3800 UAH.

It is obvious road service offices and their contractors will cut tens of thousands of kilometers of roads this year. We are offering you to master high quality asphalt and asphalt concrete cutting using floor saws and effective economical diamond blades.                       

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