Cracks on concrete surfaces. Quick repair
13/08/2012 10:43:24

01.12.2011  Quick Mender (10 Minute Concrete Mender Crack Repair) is new for the industrial floor market, but already known in Ukraine.

We are absolutely sure that soon there will be no need for telling professionals how to use it. Everybody, who at least once dealt with industrial or commercial floors, is well aware of numerous cracks and dents on a concrete surface. The reasons, as well as solutions, are versatile. Cracks in concrete might be old, but they might also emerge after scraping the top layer before grinding, or before grinding with coarse grit diamond tools. Ukrainian concrete delivered from our concrete plants, received and laid by our workers hides a lot of surprises. Pieces of clay and wood chips, stubs and other miscellaneous objects make it impossible to present high quality grinding of a concrete floor. Such drawbacks become apparent in the process of grinding.

Everybody who is responsible for the process simply does not know what is going on and blame their failures on the technology of concrete production. The drawbacks happen because concrete manufacturers do not often: sift sand, wash gravel and keep an eye on the quality of cement. A second important reason for a poor concrete quality can be the absence or a low quality of special equipment for casting concrete. Every type of equipment has its price, but not everyone is ready to pay the price, that is why, when casting concrete it is not vibrated and wiped. Flattening of green concrete according to the marks turns out to be a problem, too.

All in all, the above mentioned factors reflect the quality of a surface. In order to polish a surface or apply polymers it is vitally important that it be flat (i.e. without chips and cracks). And that is when Quick Mender comes in handy. It is a ready and the quickest solution for crack and pothole mending. What is more, the process of polishing does not stop, and that is definitely the advantage for people involved in repairing, grinding and polishing of concrete floors. A standard cartridge, which consists of 2 components and is filled into a syringe dispenser, will allow you to work quickly and efficiently. It takes only 10 minutes for the material to harden. A widely used filling for cracks in a concrete floor is quartz sand. Everyone should bear in mind that the material will harden in 10 minutes only if the surface temperature is 22 degrees Celsius. In case of a lower temperature, the hardening process will take from 20 to 40 minutes.

Today, you may order Quick Mender in cartridges (2 items, 300g each) as well as in plastic buckets (2 items, 3.8 liters each) for vaster areas. To make the right choice you are highly recommended to consult our manager.

Watch the video of Quick Mender application.