Concrete Wire Saw Cutting – quick, perspective and profitable work.
09/04/2013 11:20:17

04.05.2013 Everyone knows there are four ways to cut concrete. Wall Saws cut walls; Floor Saws cut floor coverings and reinforced concrete ceilings. Hand Held Concrete Cutting using electric and hydraulic cutters is good for manual demolition.

However, all these methods are good if the thickness of reinforced concrete up to 500-700 mm. The most technologically advanced way of concrete diamond cutting is a Wire Cutting. Modern diamond wire cuts almost any type of concrete no matter what is the thickness of it. That kind of wire could be used for the big demolition works at different metallurgical and chemical plants, hydro-technical objects, in subway building process, etc. The wire set is a modular setting, easily gathered right at the place where you need to do the work. We recommend you to use oil station hydraulic gear for the wire cutting. It makes the wire set more steady and predictable. Besides that, power of the wire saw should be not less than 20 kW or even 25 kW, than you can have a high speed cutting process with an optimal recourse expenditure of a diamond wire. If you choose 10 kW machine or 15-17 kW machine you need more “soft” type of diamond wire.

The question of diamond wire recourse (durability) is very common now. Different work requires different recourse of the wire. Every wire producer company tells its wires are the best. But statistic shows preference of TYROLIT STANDARD** diamond wire, it makes:

1 meter of TYROLIT diamond wire = 3,11 m² of cut concrete surface.

The average cost of the diamond wire to 1m of cut concrete surface should cost not more than 380 – 450 UAH or about $ 50. That price allows you to be efficient and competitive in bidding cutting concrete.


We recommend you to choose TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS equipment, proven on hundreds of building sites in Ukraine.

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