Concrete Topping Floor Repair. Plastobet-Terrazzo Technology
11/02/2013 11:24:44

08.02.2013 Superpol  - polished concrete. This Technology is getting more followers. High Price myth about polished concrete being more expensive than hardened topping practically dispelled.

Today many of those who did lay hardened topping 2-3 years ago, for example, Epicenter, Auchan and others, are forced to looking for contractors to do Concrete Topping Floor Repair. The reasons for topping destruction could be different but client is not interested in knowing them, he is interested in final result. Today’s contractors are more often look towards polished concrete. It’s easy and not expansive. Any special-purpose concrete floor can be laid according to Superpol Technology. For the big commercial and store spaces with high operational loadings polished concrete practically does not have alternative in use.

Besides that our Company offers market new ecological polymer concrete product – PLASTOBET-TERRAZZO, good for floor with high ornamental and durability requirements.  Auto salons, office and exhibition centers, shops and boutiques, executive office buildings and infrastructure objects – and these are not all the ways to use PLASTOBET-TERRAZZO System.

We have finished laying advertising samples this week. Practical Superpol™ Seminar for contractors is planning to take place on March 12, 2013. More detailed product presentation is planned for Superpol™ Seminar, April 24-25, 2013.

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