CDC CUP 2012
22/08/2012 16:17:30

04.04.2012  On 30 March, the exhibition INTERBUDEXPO 2012 was closed. In the framework of this exhibition our company held the first Ukrainian diamond cutting and concrete drilling championship CDC CUP 2012. Fifty-three operators – experts in concrete cutting who represented 32 companies from every part of Ukraine – took part in the championship. Notwithstanding rainy and cool weather, the event was a success.

Results of the championship depended on the sum of seconds spent on two tasks. The first task included diamond drilling of a concrete slab 150 mm deep with the help of a diamond core drill 150mm in diameter, attached to the TYROLIT HYDROSTRESS HCCB6-DS drilling machine. The second task included diamond cutting of a concrete bulkhead with the HUSQVARNA handheld cutter. The diameter of a diamond blade was 350mm. All the participants used new TYROLIT diamond blades, with diamonds placed in particular order. According to experts these are the best diamond blades in Europe.

Sixteen best participants took part in the quarterfinal, and only four of them then participated in the final. The winner of the championship was Samoilenko Andrey, a representative for the company Prostor located in Odessa. He was awarded with the main prize – a legendary HCCB 6 DS drilling machine.

Prizes and certificates for service in the CDC Service Centre will help the participants of the CDC CUP work efficiently during a new construction season. The event was significant for those who cut and drill concrete. Those who did not take the challenge of competing came only to watch and communicate with their colleagues.

The mission of our company is to introduce diamond technologies for demolition in today’s construction process. We believe that it should be done in a fair way together with our business partners. Today, our marketing department is working on a film about the CDC CUP 2012 to inform the construction market about the event. Since 2011, our company has been helping its partners with finding scopes of work in reinforced concrete cutting and drilling throughout Ukraine. Even now, we are actively working with our clients. We invite everyone who is professionally involved in diamond cutting and drilling of reinforced concrete to cooperate with us. We praise all our clients, and take into account all their wishes.