16.03.2016 International construction fair BAUTEC 2016
16/03/2016 13:19:17

   Our partner from Poland – company ULTRALIT, producer of lithium densifiers and sealers, 16-19 of February 2016 took part in the 17-th international construction fair BAUTEC 2016, Berlin, Germany.

   Densifiers and sealers by Ultralit you can find today in 24 countries at 3 continents in the world. These products have the highest content of active lithium inside comparing with the other competitors. A lot of companies use it not only in EU, but in Asia, Pacific region and America: Brazil, South Africa, South Korea, India etc.

   Beginning from 2015 Ultralit starts active work in Germany and Scandinavian region.

   Developing of existent products, searching of new markets and new products, everything taken together are doing Ultralit products more and more popular in construction market.

   Selling of lithium densifiers Ultralit Hard Standard and Ultralit Hard Premium, sealer Ultralit Gloss have increased 3 times during 2015.

   We can see big interest in the market to such new products as Ultralit FIX – special chemical composition for quik repairing of concret floor and Ultralit Clean , Ultralit Clean Plus , Ultralit Brilliant - maintenance cleaners with active lithium inside designed as cleaning and hardening treatment of floors with autoscrubber.

  Sevitol-Diamant-Service is the official distributor of  ULTRALIT in Ukraine since 2014.

   We invite to cooperation all interested companies

Ultralit on BAUTEC 2016