31.05.2014 Lavina-Floor Concrete Polishing Seminar in Warsaw May 22-23, 2014
04/06/2014 14:49:01

Lavina-Floor Concrete Polishing Seminar in Warsaw May 22-23, 2014 has been finished successfully.

Today all the participants of the Ukrainian construction market fill acute shortage of work amounts. The situation is worsens, we practically do not have new projects for construction and reconstruction. Many trading companies and contractors which work in the construction industry are on the verge of survival or already have stopped their work.

At the same time a crisis in Europe is finishing. First decade of 2014 was marked with almost 30% increase in the area of construction work amounts in EU. Investments in construction sector exceeded expectations.

Superabrasive Company new distributor – Lavina Sp.z.o.o  Company www.lavina-eu.com held the first Seminar in concrete polishing in Warsaw. Two-day Seminar has gathered 22 participants from 15 companies. The program of the Seminar was built according to Superpol™ standards.

Theoretical and practical part were complemented each other.

Should to be mentioned – the Polish partners in Warsaw have everything they need to organize professional seminars and trainings. On the territory of the office there are a show-room, a presentational class and a territory for practical trainings.  


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