31.05.2013. Save your money with us! SPECIAL PRICES for This Summer!
04/06/2013 14:56:19

Do not lose chance to save your money! 

Drilling Segment starts from 26 UAH per thing, new diamond cores, segment soldering service, segment selection according to the kind of concrete you work with and power of your machine – our Service Centre will do all that for you! SPECIAL PRICES for This Summer!

• Careful pre-control and preparation of metal case before its soldering

• High quality silver brazing under the high melting temperature.

• Segment soldering can be finished in an hour if it’s needed.

• We will pick up the worn out instrument by ourselves (Kiev).

• We will bring you restored segment during one day period (Kiev).

•  If needed we will send you the product using transport company at our own expense (Ukraine).  

• If you have your own segment soldering service – we have special wholesale prices and conditions for you.

•  Our Metal Processing Centre will make high quality extension cords, adapters, flanges, hubs for your machines and will do it quickly.

Useful advices to work with diamond instrument

• Use for your diamond instrument only that tools its producer advised you to use. Choice to use bad quality diamond tool leads to the bad economic of your business and will make negative influence on the components of the drilling machine you use.

• Make sure the water flow is uninterrupted. If you use water less than you need for the cutting process you will overheat the body of core (blade); it leads to the core (blade) deformation. In that case segment could be unsoldered from the core body (if the core was soldered with a silver brazing). If the core was soldered with a laser it won’t be unsoldered because of overheat but the body of the core will be deformed. After that the core (blade) became unusable and won’t be able to be restored.  

• Before you start to work with a drilling machine (wall saw) make sure it is settled right and securely. It provides for you long life of the diamond segment, allows you to avoid vibration of the diamond core (diamond blade), helps to save money on the diamond tool restoration.  

• It is necessary to chose the right drilling speed according to your machine diamond core diameter. Usually you can find a speed diapason plate somewhere on the drilling machine.

• Do not forget that concrete cores (concrete slabs) you received after drilling are very heavy. Be careful with their demolishing and transportation. It is better to drill big diameter holes in a couple rounds – start with a smaller diameter and finish with a big one.

• Always check the water flow that comes out of the drilling hole when you are working. It shouldn’t be clear. It should be muddy grey, what means that diamond segment is working rightly - the sludge is washing out of the hole. If the water flow is clear it means diamond drilling (cutting) is not happening at all or it is too slow.

• Always check the connections on the drilling machine. Defective or poorly fixed drilling machine (wall saw) creates radial runout of the body of the diamond tool which leads to the fast wearing of the segment.