30.12.2013 Happy New Year 2014 and Marry Christmas! 2013 Full Year Results
09/01/2014 16:55:51

Dear partners we want to wish you a Happy New 2014 Year and Marry Christmas! Our Company wishes you to have good holidays, to feel always great and to have success in business ! We will continue to work for you, will give you all our attention and professional help! CDC new products and business solutions will help you to become more competitive and successful during a new building season 2014!

In the beginning of a new year and a new building season 2014 we want to make a short report and remind you about main news happened in 2013.

January 2013: Rental equipment is available now!

for concrete floor grinding and polishing;

for concrete cutting and drilling!

February 2013: The new product  «PLASTOBET-TERRAZZO» - polymer concrete for grinding and polishing. 16 colors!

March 2013: The new TYROLIT motor for reinforced concrete drilling. We have an increased motor power and its drilling diameter up to 450 mm!

April 2013: The new  line of Lavina industrial Vacuum Cleaners  - power and reliability from Superabrasive Company!

May 2013: The new innovative product from Ultralit has been represented during 4th Superpol™ Seminar – densifiers and sealers for concrete floor! Best solutions for concrete surface hardening and dedusting.

June 2013: New prices and conditions for buying legendary WEKA motors! Special prices on motors and spare parts for our partners in Ukraine!

July 2013: INDECO Hydraulic attachment supply! Has been made a supply of Hydraulic Breaker and Hydraulic Shear for the one of the largest retailers in Ukraine – Epicenter Company!

August 2013: The new program – EX diamond tools! Specially created in Austria to work with reinforced concrete with granite crushed stone fillers. The tool has a very high speed of cutting (drilling) and increased resource.                                 

September 2013: The new rectangular polishing segments from Superabrasive Company for concrete of any hardness! More efficiency in concrete floor grinding and scarifying!

October 2013: 5th Superpol Seminar! As usually we had guests from 5 countries! Lots of new information about polished concrete!  

November 2013: The new line of professional Scarifying Machines from Trelawny Company from Great Britain! Super efficiency in scarifying of concrete surface with a depth of 6 mm per 1 pass.

December 2013: The new line of diamond segments for CО Machine and Splitstone Machine from Superabrasive. Scarifying, polishing and also concrete surface polishing!