29.08.2013 Concrete Diamond Cutting and Drilling – it is a Service Building Market is Needed in Now.
03/09/2013 15:17:11

How to start that kind of business? What kind of equipment you need for the business? How to avoid mistakes while choosing right equipment and tools? How much you need to invest and how soon you can recoup the investment? How to choose the right supplier? Is it needed to import equipment and tools by your own? How to find work amounts?   

Our Company has 15 year experience as contractor provides concrete drilling and cutting works. Since 2011 we have been served and consulted our partners-professionals in diamond cutting and drilling. During all that time we were sharing with our partners experience and knowledge we receive working with clients, providing for our contractors work amounts (KPM Program), equipment, tools and service.

Today we want to help all who are interested in concrete cutting and drilling business, to all who wants to expand their equipment fleet. There are some advices from CDC Company will help you to solve the most upcoming questions:

How many investments do you need to start the concrete cutting business?

The smallest start: Drilling Machine + 3-4 Diamond Cores – from 35 00 UAH; Hand Held Concrete Cutter + Diamond Blade, perforator and jackhammer – from 20 000 UAH.

Total is around 55 000 UAH ($6900) 

The solid start: Drilling Machine + 5-10 Diamond Cores –  from 80 000 UAH; 2 Hand Held Concrete Cutters + Diamond Blade; perforator and jackhammer – from 35 000 UA

Wall Saw Set – from 200 000 UAH

Total is around 310 000 UAH ($40 000) 

Solid Companies should have Wall Saw cutting depth - 500mm in their equipment fleet. If you have an opportunity to buy a good Floor Saw it would be the right decision to buy it from the very beginning. It will be covered with 1-2 projects you will finish.

How to choose the right supplier?

It would be weird if we didn’t offer you our service. But for the objectivity sake we want to give you some advices while choosing an equipment supplier and diamond tools to work:

1. Does the supplier has its own Segment Soldering Service Centre. 2. Will they provide warranty service and scheduled maintenance for equipment they supply. 3. Does the supplier is doing concrete cutting and drilling works by his own – if he does he will be your competitor. 4. Find out more information about the equipment warranty service and routine maintenance – that could happen to be very expensive. 5. Does the supplier has an equipment replacement fund for you to use while your equipment will be in process of repair. 6. Will the supplier work on finding work amounts for you? For example, our company has KPM program successfully working for 2 years. 7. Don’t forget to compare different offers. Maybe the real price of the product you were offered with a huge discount is much expensive then in real. 8. Is it possible to rent at your supplier company concrete cutting and drilling equipment in case you need to increase your equipment fleet in a short period of time for a special work.

How soon your investments will be paid off?

With a professional approach solid company will cover its investment within 3-6 months. But for that to happen you need to find answers on many questions that can lead to mistakes:

1. You chose a wrong supplier – they promised you one conditions instead you receive another in real. Service is happen to be very expensive, for every small detail you pay unimaginable sums. 2. Wrong equipment selection: when you chose electric floor saws instead of hydraulic – they are to expensive in buying or weak in power, slow, often break down, long and expensive in repair. 3. You chose a wrong consumable tool – it wears quickly, cuts too slow; is expensive.

Maybe you can buy equipment cheaper in abroad and it would be better to buy there all the time?

The choice is yours. It just seems to be cheaper abroad because you forget all the custom payments and logistic expenses. On our pint of view it is better to concentrate your efforts on the main business. Cause your company does concrete cutting and drilling?! Equipment and tool import, segment soldering and equipment service – all that are different business. If you will do only diamond cutting and drilling you would not need to keep a huge warehouse for spare parts and consumables tools. Still it can be not enough in the moment you need to do a special project. You do not need much staff: mechanics, fitters and turners, shareholders and servicers. Besides that if you will import equipment and tools from abroad you do not receive the support from supplier you need in service, finding work amounts and segment soldering we have talked earlier. “You can’t serve two gods” – classic said. It is better to do one thing but with a high quality. That is the reason our company stopped doing concrete cutting and drilling and concentrated all the efforts on service to our partners.



We would be glad to work with you! We can help you to organize your business and count its economics. We will help you during all the process of starting your business and choosing the right equipment for concrete (reinforced concrete) cutting. 

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