29.07.2013 Lavina Equipment Supply was made to the Large Engineering Industry Enterprise of Ukraine
12/08/2013 17:37:25

 Last week our company has delivered Lavina 32S Machine with a vacuum cleaner according to the model of the machine. Our Client, Novokramatorskiy Engineering Plant (NKMZ), after accepting different tender offers decided to chose Lavina equipment. Today within the enterprise reconstruction program tens of thousands of meters of old concrete floor going to be renovated. To make the reconstruction the old concrete floor need to be scraped first. Than the client wants to cover the floor with a polymer concrete and besides that the company is planning to use Superpol TM Technology – Polished Concrete Floor Laying System to lay a new concrete floor.

Today the old topping floor scrap works are already started. Scraping design capacity using SUPERABRASIVE diamond tool is up to 1000 sq.m per shift. Today it is a most beneficial tool using on 1 sq.m – high durability and the excellent quality of the floor covering. To make concrete surface hardening and dust removal use ULTRALIT lithium densifiers. ULTRALIT densifier has a maximum possible piece of active lithium and it is #1 on the densifier market all over the world.   

Our company wishes to our partners, NKMZ Company, success and professionalism in their work!  

Lavina S Machines  

Superpol TM Technology