29.01.2014 Superabrasive Product and WOC -2014 Exhibition in Las-Vegas
31/01/2014 12:53:11

WOC -2014 Exhibition has been finished in Las-Vegas last week. Today it is a largest specialized exhibition on concrete polishing technologies.

Seems like, crisis in USA has been ended. Almost all the market participants is preparing to 2014 season with a great hope. Our partner Superabrasive Company has big plans for future not only concerning American market but European also. Superabrasive Company is often participant of the exhibition. This time Superabrasive showed a number of new products from grinding and polishing equipment and tools; especially should be mentioned 4 new models of Lavina machines.

Lavina 38GR-S is a large grinding propane machine, has 97cm diameter of surface treating area.  That is the first heavy grinding machine for stripping with a remote control. That machine had a huge attention at the exhibition and was bought on its first day.

Lavina 32M-S-E is a big electric machine, and now it has become a self-propelled. Now the machine moves independently, without operator, which  just defines a direction of machine movements. There is only straight ahead movement, like Lavina-32R-S has, but this machines has much more competitive price comparing to Lavina-32R-S.

























Lavina LB21-E; Lavina LB36G-S are interesting models of high-speed machines for floor service and cleaning. They will have a great future on the market. There are first in the world burnishers with 3 heads and planetary rotation. Single disc burnisher often leaves trails behind it during polishing process, and that’s why sometimes you have to go several times to the same place. That problem has been fixed on a planetary burnisher. Besides that, European companies shows interest also to small electric burnishers!

We hope, all 4 new machines will be in demand also in Ukraine.

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