28.10.2013 KPM-program (Key Product Management) – Searching Work Amounts for Our Partners
31/10/2013 10:30:39

KPM-program (Key Product Management) – searching and passing work amounts to our partners-contractors. Unique system, it is an only one system on the CIS country market created to pass work amount offers to those who works with us, uses our equipment and service, works with our diamond tools, develops his business with us.

Brief description of what is KPM-program read here

We get many of the same questions about KPM - program and today we want to introduce you widely the KPM - program in a "question and answer" way

Question: Why do I need KPM-program? I do a good advertising and work amount searching by myself?

Answer: our Company has been doing concrete cutting and drilling since 1994 and was the first professional contractor-company. Today we are known all over the construction market, the Company is popular among architects, large enterprise capital construction offices, large retailers, energy and other potential customers. We are happy to give the work amounts to our partners. You can be sure during the year you will receive many interesting, and what is the most important, real offers!

 Question: So why should I buy your product tools when I have other brand equipment?

Answer: Of course not. To be our partner you just need to have any amount of product turnover with us. It is enough to use our supplies, buy diamond tools or do segment restoration at our Service Center. We will help you to choose the best consumable tool for the equipment any brand you have.

Question: I am doing my own diamond tool searching, segment restoration, work amount fulfillment, blade and segment selling! I once tried your soldering - a little expensive. Why do you want to offer me a disadvantageous tool? So why do I need KPM-program?

Answer: We do not insist, we make you an offer. We do think everyone should finally define what business is the main for him. And direct all the resources and efforts to it. Today's market requires a very professional approach, concentration of finances on what is really make a profit for you. Besides that, our Сompany is always looking for something new, something will answer your needs. We continue to test and check new products. Try, for example, a new EX line - really advantageous segments. And by the way, do you often asked about % from the work amount you offered? Sounds familiar? We do not need any % from you, for us is enough to work with you on diamond tools and an important thing – to work with you on a very beneficial conditions for you (for example, to buy product wholesale).

Question: What additional services and benefits your partner gets because of working with the KPM-program?

Answer: KPM-program is not only a work amount searching system. It is also: 1. Help in choosing a technology and previous technology discussing with the customer. 2. Previous cost calculation and help in writing commercial offer. 3. Possibility to rent an additional equipment without a bail. 4. Special prices on equipment, tool restoration and a new equipment. 5. Payment deferrals for the program participants. Special conditions on the pre-owned equipment repurchase service and repair etc.

Question: Do you control the work price? 

Answer: Of course not. We do pre-interview clients in order to know their needs and after that pass all the information to our partners. Pricing is a matter of relations between the contractor and the customer.

Question: Do you give preference to any of your partners?

Answer: Of course not. We work with all size companies, various technical equipment, different in technical and organizational preparation. The offers are also all different. That is why we try to understand clearly a partner opportunities and collate them with a customer needs.

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