28.02.2014 A Sample of Polished Concrete Floor in ASHAN in Lvov
03/03/2014 15:26:41

One of our SUPERPOL™ certificated contractor made a sample of polished concrete floor in ASHAN in Lvov.   

Concrete floors with reinforced top layer in that supermarket were in serious need of restoration. ASHAN Supermarket – it is French retail network, one of the largest retail operators. Today for everyone who has a business with operation areas and those who are planning to create new trading areas for ASHAN, it becomes quite obvious that regular topping floor is not suitable for such technical assignment. The reason is – just in a couple years that kind of floor begins to produce dust. This is totally unacceptable on the trading areas, especially on the food trading areas.

Our contractor spent about 5 working hours to finish the sample. Grinding and polishing were made using Lavina 20S machine, hardening was made using lithium densifier Ultralit, gloss and surface protection - using lithium densifier Ultralit Gloss.   

We want to wish our contractors to get successful contract with Ashan Company, and want to wish Lvov ASHAN to have beautiful and quality floors with warranty on dedusting.

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