27.11.13 Great Discount – WEKA Motor Repair!!!
29/11/2013 17:57:58

Attention! You gave a great opportunity to make a Technical Inspection of Legendary Motor WEKA DK 32 for reinforced concrete drilling just for 990 UAH (including VAT) in December-January! Never before have you made a large Drilling Machine Technical Inspection for a such NOT EXPENSIVE price!

Let’s enter into 2014 with a good working drilling machine! All parts – 100% originally from Germany!
Do not miss the Super Discount - WEKA Motor Technical Inspection starts from December 2, 2013 to January 31, 2014.

We invite to visit Our Service Center in Kiev (Vasylkovskaya Street, 32) all those who have drilling machines with WEKA motor 3,2kW (machine color doesn’t matter, place and time where machine was bought also). The Technical Inspection includes specialized engine troubleshooting and diagnostic. Besides that, repair cost includes:

- Gland anchor replacing

- 2-bearing anchors replacement

- Oil gasket replacement

- Water pad replacement

- Graphite brushes replacement

- Changing the oil in the gearbox

The usual cost of this that kind of Technical Inspection is 1896 UAH (including VAT). You can save 906UAH if will use Discount Offer during next two winter months.

We will send repaired motor to any region of Ukraine our regional managers need on our own expenses.

All who will take part in our discount program will receive CDC Catalog with all prices on diamond drilling equipment for disc and wire reinforced concrete cutting; floor saws for floor surface cutting; different quality diamond equipment and many other.  

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