27.06.2013 New Price on the Legendary Engine WEKA 32. Their most durable motor for the price of 22 900 UAH!
01/07/2013 15:47:34


New price offer on the legendary engines WEKA 32 (with 3,2 kW power) with a warranty on electrical parts from the CDC Company for the period of 1,5 years. The legendary and most durable motor at a special price of 22 900 UAH since July 10!


18 Month WarrantyOnly 22 900-00 UAH!

If German Company had not create the line of motors for concrete diamond drilling at 80-s the diamond drilling market would not be as widely developed as it is now. WEKA Company  was constantly improving its product during the last 20 years that is why it has become the market leader in electric motor quality and reliability. WEKA is a real German no-compromise quality and choice of product parts.

Almost all the companies try to locate their manufacture somewhere on the East because today is not a very good time for building market. Therefore, many of machinery manufacturers try to save on their expenses as much as they could. We do not recommend you to buy products from those manufacturers because you want to buy a good motor which will serve you more than a year. Do not forget your business economy will directly depend on the motor quality and service expenses.

Not every diamond machinery supplier will tell you about his motor service expenses before you buy that equipment. And the reason for it is that machine service could be very expensive and will lead to its downtime because of need for an often repair.

That is why WEKA German motors are the right choice for professionals. WEKA motors are on Ukraine market from the mid 90s. Still today we are receiving 2000-2006 year’s models to do the maintenance at our Service Center. And those models are in a great shape and still bring money to their owners!

WEKA are the cheapest in their service and maintains motors.

Today we are offering a special price on a popular WEKA model - WEKA 3,2 kW.

Today you have a special opportunity exchange your old WEKA motor on the new one - You just need to make an additional payment!

If you have other company Drilling Machine – our Metal Processing Center is ready to make an adapter plate especially for your machine to fit the WEKA motor.

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