26.11.2014 How to grind and polish concrete in the best way. Superpol.
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SUPERPOL – polished concrete! How to grind and polish concrete in the best way? How to avoid mistakes? Some advices for all who work or going to work in this business.

Lots of photos in internet, colorful descriptions of technology, videos from Scandinavia and the USA! Smooth and shiny polished concrete floor makes big impression! But few contractors are able to correctly make that kind of floor. In order to have skills of a professional in the industry you need to try hard. To name that: you need good quality machines, tools and chemicals. But the main is to have assistance and advices of professional distributor and experience in the grinding and polishing. It is not enough to buy a set of equipment; you need someone to teach you how to work and constantly continue to study by yourself.  Today, in the USA and EU contractors make grinding and polishing of all kinds floor. There could be an ordinary concrete floor, an old or new topping, agglomerate terrazzo tiles, artificial stone, marble or granite and other stones. All the materials are different. For those kinds of work contractors use wide range of machines, consumables and chemicals. However, to choose the right set of equipment and tools in accordance with the terms and task of work without professional help is impossible.

What is important in that business?

  1. This is a business for thinking people. You need to choose the simplest and optimal procedure to follow and the right consumables and chemistry.
  2. You must be able to calculate the cost of 1 sq.m. of consumables and chemicals, but not only that, you must calculate the cost of the staff, the cost of cracks and potholes repair (if any is present), and calculate the productivity of equipment.
  3. You must be able to simplify the work process without the loss of quality. To do this, use the special additional machines and tools.
  4. When it comes to polished concrete – choose the right concrete and find a good concrete manufacturer who is able to do quality concrete.
  5. Machine operators must understand the technology of diamond processing of hard materials.

Those are perhaps the main things to know. But in the US, people learn this lifetime. The real professionals in surface polishing have more than 15 year experience and they try all the time something new to improve their art.

Today polished concrete is a religion! Setting a quality floor really brings contractor joy and inspires him! Besides, in Europe clients pay well for a quality. We hope to have that time coming to us!

If you are ready to work in this business - will be happy to help you!

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