26.06.2014 Diamond Technology for Hard Surfaces Treatment!
02/07/2014 16:44:26

More about diamond technologies for hard surfaces treatment! Important information for professionals!

All who are using diamond technologies sooner or later will meet problems with diamond tools. Only two things lead to irritation or resentment.

The first reason: diamond tool erases very quickly. The second reason: diamond tool doesn’t cut (doesn’t drill, grind or polish).

It is really hard to determine "by eye" the quality of diamond instrument. You cannot buy quality and productive product for a very cheap price.  For instrument to work well you need to choose the right type of diamond tool according to a specific machine. The hardness of material should be treated (cut or drilled) is also important.

Every contractor should remember besides resistance of diamond tool its working speed is important too. The owner of a small business has many fixed costs which he counts every month. And if the tool is not erased yet but the work is not done, the customer will not pay for that. Often in order to finish work faster you can sacrifice resistance of tool.

Any diamond tool in the process of work with hard surfaces goes through 4 stages of wearing


If one of the stages is absent you will get a quick wear or overheating of the diamond tool and will decrease in productivity.

In order to chose the right tool better to ask professionals before.


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