26.01.2017 Diamond Segments EX
26/01/2017 16:34:07

Diamond Segments, Cores and Blades EX – are the best economics in concrete cutting and drilling.

New line produced in Austria EX Diamond Tools (diamond blades, cores and segments) – are well known here in Ukraine from August 2013. And by customer`s opinion is one of the best effective and less in cost!                                                                                                               New line of EX Diamond Tool – it is one of the best products on the diamond tool market. Tests have been made at our Service Center in Kiev showed the great results. Its cutting speed, endurance and speed of metal cutting are the best comparing to its analogues. The tool is working “softly” and fast.                                                                                                          Excellent quality with the best price!

ЕX Segment Booklet

The better offer today to get prepaid packages:

 1.  100 segments for drilling + restoration price:                                                                        

      108.00 UAH per 1 Segment EX H/L (standard)

 2.  150 segments for drilling + restoration price:                                                                               

      75.00 UAH per 1 Segment EX F (fast)

3.  150 segments for concrete cutting + restoration price:                                                        

     115.00 UAH per 1 Segment EX H SK 725 (40x4,7x10)

 Try EX Diamond Tool - you will be greatly surprised by quality!

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