24.02.2014 Tyrolit Cutting Pro 2014, Innsburck city
25/02/2014 11:42:56

European Championship Tyrolit Cutting Pro 2014 has been finished successfully last week in Innsbruck. 14 European countries competed in 3 exercises in concrete cutting and drilling. First exercise is – Tyrolit WSE-1217 Wall Saw; second exercises – concrete cutting with STIL manual benzo-cutter; third exercise – diamond drilling of 130 mm diameter hole.  The show took place in Congress Hall of Innsbruck city and has gathered around 5000 people who actively supported the participants. Stylish design, excellent reception and friendly atmosphere completed sport part of the competition.

Our Company had negotiations with organizations of Tyrolit Cutting Pro about Ukraine future participation in the next tournament in 2015-2016. Today we know the standards of that kind of tournament and we will look for the opportunity to organize such competition on our market. Many Europeans have seen in the Internet the video from СDC CUP 2012 we have organized in Ukraine. They were surprised by the quality of СDC CUP organization. Next СDC CUP competition is planning on spring 2015.

Our Austrian partner Tyrolit is a part of SWAROWSKI business. Equipment and diamond tool are known on the market as high quality, and have excellent technical and economic indicators. Should to be reminded, SWAROWSKI Company has a scientific-research institute where all the innovations are creating. Our company is a partner with Тyrolit starts from year 2000, on conditions of distribution. We offer you quality equipment for reinforced concrete cutting and drilling, and provide all the services connecting with sales and diamond tool restoration.

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