23.12.2013 Superabrasive Diamond Consumable Tool for СО and GM Grinding Machines
25/12/2013 11:34:06

Superabrasive Diamond Consumable Tools for СО Machine and GM (Splitstone) Machine have been already tested in Ukraine!

A high durability and a great quality of a surface treating have been showed on the one of the building objects in Kiev. 1950 sq.m. of concrete were scarified recently only using one set of the scarifying instrument.

Many contractors which are working with concrete floors and polymer coverings very often use for their work simple in use and not expansive machines: CО-199 and Splitstone. The manufacturer of such equipment fully depends on quality diamond consumable tool. Our partner Superabrasive Company started to produce quality instrument for concrete and stone floors a long time ago. 20 years’ experience and regular supplies for distributors all over the world allow the company to provide a premium quality product with a good price. We have developed and launched new lines of diamond tools with metal ligaments and also plastic polishing pads. We offer you 2 lines of diamond tools – yellow color –for a soft concrete and golden – for a hard and very hard concrete. From now CO and GM Machines will do concrete grinding even better than before.  



Special conditions for buying diamond and plastic tools are offered to companies which are CO and GM Grinding Machines owners.

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